Pre-Purchase Surveys

The knowledgeable condition assessment of second-hand vessels shortlisted for purchase is the basis for the informed selection of the right candidate vessel.

Cargo Surveys

In respect to Quantity and Quality of goods transported. Often damages, delays, and/or misunderstandings amongst carriers and clients can be avoided through the presence of our staff on the spot.

3rd Party Technical & Commercial Management

Services are offered to 3rd party Owners for the quality management of their shipping assets.


In house brokerage and post fixture monitoring. Extensive international network of chartering brokers and direct contact with Major A1 Charterers.

Conversion Projects

From feasibility study to technical and work drawings approval, to certification of final product, Alkon provides a wide range of technical options and expertise regarding the conversion projects of vessels and maritime infrastructure.

Salvage Operations

Utilizing our network of suppliers and service providers in all Major Ports worldwide, our Company can help to limit damage or rescue difficult circumstances both remotely and on the spot.


  • The Art of Ship Management is a combination of technical knowledge, cultural intelligence, experience, respect, diligence and devotion. Alkon’s 30 years as quality Ship Managers have created a network of associates around the world based on mutual respect allowing solutions of maritime nature to be immediate on a global scale.

  • The Company’s understanding of the needs of its seafarers provides for well-coordinated onboard teams (our crews) whom demonstrate attentiveness and loyalty allowing preventive maintenance to manifest naturally, hence reducing vessels’ downtime to a minimum ensuring client service to a maximum.

  • Alkon controlled workshop and riding teams compliment, when required, the vessels’ crew at a fraction of the industry cost yielding positive results even in the most demanding circumstances.

  • 24 hour availability of the Management provides security to our crew, associates and clients across the spectrum of the shipping industry.


  • Planned & Preventive Maintenance ensure minimum downtime during scheduled repairs Special Surveys & Dry Dockings as well as minimizing incidents leading to unscheduled repairs (costly alternative to quality maintenance).
  • Conversion projects including VLCC tanker to Offshore Blending Platform, Vessel re-scantling studies for Ice-Class vessels, Upgrades/retrofitting to machinery for compliance to prevailing environmental regulations.
  • Own Workshop/Warehouse for reconditioning, repair, fabrication and storage of critical Engine & Deck spare parts.
  • Dedicated Technical Engineering team for on situ attendance both to our managed vessels as well as other reputable shipping companies.